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Membership Benefits


Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Benefits

For information on benefits please contact Manitoba Chamber of Commerce or the SVCC office at (204) 734-3102.

Swan Valley Chamber Benefits

1. Network

§ We will be holding quarterly general meetings where you can network and share ideas to Increase your business.

§ Through the network of Chamber businesses, referrals to customers to use other Chamber businesses, promotes growth and keeps customers shopping local.

2. Increase Business Exposure and Visibility

§ All Chamber members are listed on an alphabetical and categorized telephone directory available to the general public.

§ Being a Chamber member conveys a sense of business integrity and reliability.

3. Interest in Growing Local Businesses

§ Work with other businesses and the community to encourage customers to shop local.

4. Knowledge of Businesses in the Swan Valley and their needs

§ Knowledge of other businesses and their capabilities can assist you with referrals to cross market to those other businesses and their customers.

5. Meet Key Players to increase market share and outreach.

§ Knowing the business owners and key members can assist you with quick access to solving some of the issues that may face your business.

6. Increased Involvement in the Community

§ The Chamber organizes various events that can help promote your business.

7. Have a Voice as to the Needs of your business.

§ Work with other members to share ideas to keep customers shopping locally.

§ Your ideas may be the impetus to more business growth.