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Committees are a fundamental component of the Swan Valley Chamber of Commerce. The committees are comprised of Chamber members and are designed to address specific areas and issues. Committees are one of the best ways for membership to become actively involved in an area which interests them. Each committee meets at their convenience at a location of choice. A bi-monthly report will be presented from each committee at the General Membership meetings.

If you are interested in being part of any of the following committees please do not hesitate to call the contact person or the SVCC Office at (204) 734-3102.


Brent Scales,Co-Chair:   Or
Shane Unruh,Co-Chai:

  • Plan, organize and oversee Chamber events;
  • Promote membership involvement in Chamber functions, committee work and activities;
  • Arrange a speaker to attend Chamber meetings.


Warren Genik (306) 741-4160 or

  • Organize and oversee Chamber website development;
  • Promote events and communications using various social media.


Kevin Neely ,Co Chair :         Or

Kyle Machan, Co-Chair :

  • Promote the Swan Valley Chamber of Commerce as being the lead organization in representing the interests of business in the community;
  • Ensure distribution of newsletter and minutes;
  • Update and maintain a SVCC website;
  • Ensure networking opportunities are available for Chamber members and the business community;
  • Promote and recognize local activities that are positive for the business community.


Jodi Willis, (204) 281-5148 or

  • Brainstorm ideas to increase our profile in the Swan Valley;
  • Maintain and recruit new members;
  • Develop and deliver a welcome package to all new businesses and/or members;
  • Evaluate membership dues and plans;
  • Engage high school student to sit on the Chamber Board.


Naomi Neufeld (204) 734-7888 or

  • Lead in directing the Chamber’s goal setting and evaluating the Chamber’s effectiveness during the annual strategic planning and review process;
  • Lead in building the image of the Chamber within the community;
  • Build and maintain strong, positive relationships with the region’s allies and partners in order to successfully achieve the goals set up the strategic plan;
  • Review the annual and longer term budgets;
  • Monitor the financial records of the Chamber;
  • Review the Executive Coordinator performance and compensation;|
  • Monitor and evaluate Chamber Membership benefits programs;
  • Ensure working group actions are consistent with the Chamber’s mission and guiding principles;
  • Monitor and evaluate working group effectiveness to ensure the Chamber grows in profile and membership.